Content MarketingReaching more customers


Sales-oriented communications need to work so much harder in a world in which media have become so fragmented and less controllable than ever before.

Such communications can mistakenly pre-suppose that the recipient is already interested and ready to act on any given communication the moment it is received. But with notable exceptions - tickets being made available online for an anticipated event - we don’t spend our lives ready to react to all that we are being sold; we don’t lie in readiness for someone to sell to us.

In most case it’s the reverse, especially when it comes to places where we may choose to live, work, or visit. The decision-making process is multi-layered and draws upon many influences. Within this context, producing carefully crafted editorially-driven content, which can be distributed widely, offers an effective way to reach more customers and provide them with relevant information to encourage greater interest in the place you wish to promote.


Totality helps clients plan how content-driven initiatives can be integrated within their marketing mix. Cutting across the worlds of digital, social media, PR, publishing and direct marketing, such initiatives fall broadly in two types, each being integrated across all marketing channels.

Firstly, the creation of original content in its own right. For example, we produce a number of magazines, which are distributed according to client’s specific needs (from individual recipients to global reach). Such magazines not only raise awareness and profile but also lead directly to increased sales.

Secondly, we also conceive, curate and manage events and experiences designed specifically to be enjoyed live but also to be shared via peer to peer social media, thus enabling such events to reach a broader range of like-minded people.

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