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The company consists of strategists, creative consultants, designers and managers, with backgrounds in sectors such as branding, publishing, urban design, architecture and television.

We are responsible for originating all strategic and creative thinking and design, and for directing everything through to the final implementation.

We work regularly with a highly talented group of associates who specialise in their particular craft, ranging from writers, artists, photographers and film-makers to researchers, printers and distributors. Chosen for their relevance to the specific requirements of a project, they are directed and managed by Totality to achieve the most effective overall result on behalf of the client.

Totality is headed by its two founding directors Nick Jones and Chris Abel. The two first worked together as a management team on a major UK retail account at the celebrated global ad agency BBH. After branching out into the worlds of brand innovation, corporate identity and international television networks, they re-grouped to form Totality in 2003.


Our open-plan office, which is located in a building dedicated to the creative industries, is a physical metaphor for how we aim to work with our clients - open, collaborative and imaginative.

We give our clients smart thinking and ideas, whilst avoiding self-serving marketing jargon. The carpenter's maxim of "measure twice, cut once" reflects our focus on first getting the thinking right in order to provide a rigorous foundation upon which creative ideas can be based and shared.

We come from around the globe (at last count six different nationalities were represented), and all share a fascination with places. Our growing wall collection of fridge magnets brought back from our travels provides an often amusing insight into the way different countries and places see themselves - as they say, every cliche reveals a deeper truth.