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Our clients come to us with a variety of business challenges - from launching a brand new place that is still to be built, or re-launching somewhere that already exists, to translating a new or existing brand into a physical space and experience.

The scope of work is tailored to a client's specific needs, but can usually be grouped within three broadly sequential stages which are managed in an integrated way to ensure consistent direction throughout the whole process.

The thinking stage - investigation, analysis, insights, brainstorms, strategy - to develop the blueprint for the solution to your needs.

Locational surveys - culture, competition, context
Customer research
Product & experience evaluation/innovation
Placemaking consultancy
Market positioning & brand definition development
'Selling story' creation
Customer experience design




The inventing stage - when ideas are brought to life, and core elements created.

Brand identity development/interpretation
Core messaging
Imagery creation
Placemaking implementation

The implementing stage - crafting both the marketing plan and its component parts; managing across all initiatives

Marketing communications strategy
Design & production of:
Print, Film,
Digital (virtual, apps, web, social, direct), Environments, Experience,
Meanwhile Marketing,
Content Marketing