AirpointBlue sky thinking

Published 16th August 2012Shares

The Airpoint scheme involved the refurbishment of a former Royal Mail distribution centre in Bedminster, Bristol. It had no unique selling features, and was located in an area known locally as ‘Badminster’. Resident facilities such as a gym and swimming pool were being considered, but these raised difficult questions related to construction and ongoing maintenance and service charge costs. Marketing was needed to turn this offer into something that would appeal to Bristol’s young professionals looking to buy a place of their own.

Totality was asked to recommend product differentiation for the building and to create the name, brand identity and all marketing materials.

Totality put forward a radical proposal which led to a complete transformation of what the building would offer, and the way in which it would be positioned and marketed. In short, we advised the client to ‘market the building from the air’. We inspired the creation of a unique rooftop facility incorporating a 220 metre running track, trim trail, barbecue terrace and glass sided party and billiards room. This set the building apart from anything else on offer (and dispensed with the need for expensive swimming pool and gym facilities).


Everything then followed the ‘air’ theme. The building itself was named ‘Airpoint’, the rooftop facilities the ‘Skypark’, and the top floor apartments (which were differentiated with a slightly higher specification) were sold at a premium under the name ‘Skydeck’.

All the advertising that ran in the local press featured only the rooftop lifestyle with the headline ‘Live over Bristol’, without showing apartment interiors as was the norm with all competitor adverts.
The development became the fastest selling scheme in the South West of England. The campaign won ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ at the UK Property Marketing Awards 2006.