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Get to the SourceFresh London Living in and around Woodberry Down

March 2015Shares

How do you create a real sense of what it really feels like to live in an area? Especially one undergoing extensive and long-term change? How can you use the power of authenticity - not just aspiration - to attract new people to live there, whilst also being true to the character of the area and the existing residents who have lived there for many years?

These were some of the questions discussed in creating a more inclusive marketing approach for the major regeneration of the Woodberry Down estate in North London.

Totality undertook stake-holder interviews and workshops with local resident, community and business representatives to understand the fabric and sensitivities of the local context. It was clear that adopting an arguably stereotypical sales-focused marketing strategy might not only leave local people feeling excluded, but might not be as effective in supporting both sales and the wider aspects of place-making involved in the scheme.

Totality recommended the publication of a regular magazine to provide an interesting take on life both at Woodberry Down and the surrounding area. It provides a vehicle not just to promote sales - it is given to prospective buyers and distributed to carefully chosen leisure, retail and commercial outlets in North London and the City Fringe district - but it also provides a platform for local individuals and organisations to be featured.


Interestingly, its very existence has affected what takes place. Through the production process of Source, many valuable partnerships in both the immediate and wider local community have been created. These in turn have propagated a number of events ideas; from an upcoming StorySlam event supported by the local literary festival, a Spring Market, as well as a summer screening series – all coming to Woodberry Down in 2015.

The magazine's "both/and" rather than "either/or" philosophy is deliberately designed to appeal across all of those living or considering living at Woodberry Down - be they private or social tenants, shared ownership or outright owner-occupiers. They and all the local organisations and individuals contribute to the sense of place that Source seeks to bring to life.

The magazine comes in both print and digital formats. Issues 1-3 are available to download via Apple Newsstand and the GooglePlay store.

The brand new Issue 4 is available in web format here: