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Published 1st November 2012Shares

Totality created an integrated marketing campaign for a contemporary styled building in East London. Surrounded by the vibrant fashionable neighbourhoods of Islington, Clerkenwell, Hoxton, Shoreditch and ‘Tech City’, the area itself lacked an obvious identity.  Relatively undiscovered, it offered value for money and potential capital growth. 

The marketing challenge was to position the immediate area to create greater appeal by identifying it as a neighbourhood enjoying the new ideas in art, design, fashion, culture, technology and entertainment. The graphic language and marketing collateral needed to reflect the vibrancy and creativeness of the area whilst appealing to a broad range of purchasers across multiple territories.

As the development was built on the site of the former depository of the British Library and within such a creative area, the name Folio seemed fitting. Not only does it have rational substance but it evokes the idea of the artists and designers. The minimal, clean-cut logo was born out our research into design in the area; influenced by modern design and traditional printmaking. The minimal, clean cut influences continue on the front cover of the brochures. For the host brochure, the pale cream logo sits on a burnt orange background making a bold statement both about the building and its location in London. Soft touch lamination was used to create a sense of luxury and make it appealing to touch as well as to the eye. Inside, a new binding method is used to allow the images of the building and interiors occupy double page spreads without interruption from the gutter. For the floorplan brochure, we chose the deep blue to provide a contrast with the host brochure.

Built across three stages, the website uses the secondary blue colour as the background holding colour with the main burnt orange colour used as a highlight. Coloured tabs have been incorporated into the website and used to define the different sections as they were in the brochure. A simple holding page with a register form was launched when the hoardings were first put up.  This was followed by the micro site which was installed in time for the overseas launch.  The launch of the main website will be coordinated with the sales launch in the UK.  The website is built on a CMS allowing real time updates to the website and publishing control to rest with the client.

A touchscreen application was developed for the overseas exhibitions. Capable of running both online and off this is a versatile application working on the same CMS as the website allowing the client to make 1 change but have it implemented across 2 applications. Sharing key identity elements, such as the blue background, with the website this application had to be easy and intuitive to use and easy to update.