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Elephant ParkCentral London's New Green Heart

25 February 2014Shares

Over the next 15 years, Lendlease and Southwark Council’s regeneration of Elephant & Castle will create nearly 3,000 new homes, 160,000 sq ft of retail space, and generate around 5,000 new jobs in the local area.

Totality was tasked with developing a distinctive positioning and identity for the transformation of the Heygate Estate, which forms the largest single area within the Elephant and Castle regeneration.

The recommendation to position this new area as London's greenest new place to live was based on two key factors: the design would create central London’s largest new park for 70 years, and Elephant & Castle is fast becoming a global exemplar for the delivery of sustainable urban regeneration.

The resulting name Elephant Park and the visual identity, were developed as an expression of this positioning.

The creation of the park will contribute to more than 1,200 new trees being planted throughout the area over the next ten years, representing a 60 per cent increase in the current tree canopy.

When naming each phase within the overall scheme, solutions were sought which highlighted the unique nature of each particular element, whilst still maintaining a context with the Elephant Park name. In this context the individual phases were named: South Gardens, West Grove, Park Central, West Grove Square and East Grove.

With South Gardens being the initial launch priority, followed by a second phase launch of West Grove, individual building names were developed, each having a contextual link to the phase name.



The visual style was driven by an overarching vision to project a coherent and compelling image of a unique place to live, that blends tranquil greenery with urban modernity – the close proximity to the cultural hub of the South Bank and surrounding creativity within Elephant & Castle.

Urban sophistication and 21st century living were at the forefront of creative thinking. The resulting wordmark and accompanying digital  / pixelated image style, were designed to feel fresh, distinctive, modern and original, and to present every aspect of the offer with energy and elegance.

Elephant Park magazine was proposed and developed by Totality to serve as the core ongoing communication vehicle over the whole marketing life of the scheme. It showcases the Lendlease vision in its widest context. Concurrently it highlights numerous aspects and benefits of the lifestyle to be had, along with the sustainable approach to development and the specifics of the residences on offer. Available in both print and digital formats, this hybrid publication blends both an editorial appeal and a product focus.

The website mirrors this approach, acting as the hub for social media communication, whilst also offering multiple routes to the available product.

The key marketing objective for this project, is simply to present a vision of its transformation into one of London's most desirable and greenest new places to live.