One Tower BridgeA new cultural heart

Published 16th August 2012Shares

Totality submitted proposals in November 2010 for positioning and marketing a new mixed-use scheme adjacent to London’s Tower Bridge.Comprising a collection of new residential buildings, a pedestrianised retail boulevard, and a new boutique hotel within an existing listed building, the scheme would also house a major new cultural space for London.Given the proximity of other premium residential offerings in The Shard, Neo Bankside and the Heron, marketing would need to convey a real sense of ownership prestige. However in addition, Totality proposed that the scheme’s positioning would also need to embrace and support the cultural part of the offer, using the notion of a new “Barbican of the South Bank” to exemplify this idea.

From this basis, Totality recommended a different name from One Tower Bridge. The proposed name deliberately combined “Tower” with its obvious link to the famous bridge and the Tower of London opposite, with “Bank”, given the scheme’s location on the South Bank at the end of arguably the world’s finest riverside cultural quarter.


The name “Towerbank” would also provide the area context in which specific buildings could then be named; in particular the “Towerbank Centre” mirroring the “Southbank Centre” lying to the West.

Within the proposals for a fully integrated marketing campaign, Totality proposed installing a giant video screen at the front of the site facing on to Potters Field - a public area adjacent to the Mayor of London’s City Hall. This screen could provide not only promotional information about the scheme, but also somewhere for people to congregate to watch major events such as the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Diamond Jubilee, and the 2012 Olympics. In short, a very visible “meanwhile” use heralding the permanent cultural space to follow.