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Published 16th August 2012Shares

How do you turn a world-class building into an internationally famous place? Turkish developer Eria Partners briefed Totality to brand and market a landmark commercial and luxury residential building in the heart of Istanbul’s vibrant Levent district.

Eria had assembled a world-class team of architects and interior designers to work on the project, in the form of Foster and Partners, and US interior specialist Tahaney. This was a building offering a combination of the city’s most sophisticated commercial space, targeted at its most progressive, future facing businesses, with residences offering a luxury lifestyle without compromise.

Including a private cinema, spa, gym, restaurant, and lounge. All housed in a three storey club space at the very top of the building. And its naming, branding and marketing needed to be of the highest quality to reflect this. Totality understood from the start that the majority of buyers would be wealthy Turks leading international lifestyles attracted to a building that would reflect the modern face of Istanbul, and be famous around the world.

Hence, to help support and drive this international profile the decision was taken to give the building an English name. The name Skymark chosen, literally reflecting the building’s status as the new architectural mark defining the city’s skyline. A deliberately iconic identity was created incorporating a symbol reflecting the building’s design and a wordmark that whilst feeling contemporary, also reflected a style of typography historically associated with Turkey. A case-bound book and presentation pack were produced, for distribution to an exclusive group of potential buyers, as well as a film, celebrating both the building’s Istanbul location, and also the architecture and design team tasked with turning it into a world-class place to live.