AssoufidSophisticated distinction

Published 31st October 2012Shares

When complete, the Assoufid resort on the outskirts of Marrakech will comprise private villas, a Rocco Forte hotel and spa, and an 18 hole golf course and club. Launched originally in 2007, changes both to the ownership and masterplan of the scheme, led to a decision to undertake a brand refresh and re-launch. Marrakech is currently witnessing a very large amount of luxury leisure development, thus Totality sought to create as much distinction and uniqueness for the scheme as possible.

This recommendation focused primarily on the way the scheme was named, and how to position and present the golf club. Totality felt the existing name and logo for the scheme was confusing and cluttered, and recommended simplifying it. In addition, we recommended a different more evocative name for the whole scheme - "Espace Assoufid". This name was chosen for its ability to heroise one of the key competitive strengths - very large individual plots for each villa - as well as convey an air of freedom and relaxation. This more sophisticated positioning was interpreted in a new visual style, which incorporated a subtly revised colour and placement of the red symbol (to make it into a more obvious "A' shape)

The golf course will also be open to members of the public, and thus would compete with several other nearby courses, including the Royal Marrakech course. The club is referred to as the Marrakech Golf Club, and to give it a sense of status and market stand-out, Totality recommended using the colours and elements of the city flag of Marrakech as the club emblem, and designed a range of collateral to bring this idea to life.  By "owning" these visual elements, the club could stand above the various other competitive courses whose identities were presented within that of their respective estate or resort.