The Wellesley HotelA contemporary classic

Published 16th August 2012Shares

Arab Investments briefed Totality to create a brand identity for the new Wellesley Hotel. Scheduled to open in Autumn 2012, it will occupy one of the most prestigious locations in Knightsbridge, directly adjacent to Hyde Park, have just 36 rooms, and an unswerving focus on six-star exclusivity and privacy. The sixth floor will house a penthouse suite with boardroom facilities, a private lift and four bedrooms. Making it the largest capacity suite in London. Guest facilities will include the Oval Restaurant serving the very highest quality cuisine, the adjacent Jazz Bar, and a cigar terrace.

The Wellesley will have a style that combines the contemporary and the classic. With interiors by Fox Linton, whose designs blend the building’s 1920’s Art Deco history with elegant modern design.

In this context, Totality was tasked to create a brand identity worthy of the Wellesley’s positioning as a modern classic. The result is a wordmark that on the one hand is simple and modern, yet reflects the sweeping flamboyance that was the hallmark of the ‘roaring twenties’. The mark is currently being applied throughout the hotel. From the entrance, through to the restaurant and cocktail bar menus, and every individual in-room item.