No.1 West India QuayMedia rare

Published 16th August 2012Shares

How do you promote a building where there are hardly any media opportunities, yet your target market is walking past each day? No. 1 West India Quay had been under construction for two years, and had simply merged into the background in the consciousness of Canary Wharfers. As the building neared completion, so the marketing needed to begin again. Totality created both the messages and the media. The UK’s highest firework display got people to look at the building once more. 


This was followed by the creation and installation of a series of quayside big apples promoting the New York style serviced apartment living offer. We also had a revolving 96 sheet poster site built above the marketing suite. The marketing not only raised awareness amongst the target market, it generated its own PR, and led to the successful completion phase of marketing achieving the clients’ financial objectives.