Gabriel Square

Ancient & ModernA new garden square for St Albans

18 May 2017Shares

Totality’s branding for a new residential square in St Albans is now revealed.

The scheme comprises minimalist architecture with modern interiors, yet lies within this historic city; the branding approach needed to reflect these two influences.

The name Gabriel Square, was deliberately chosen as one that already belonged to the city - the bell in the city’s clocktower bears the name ‘Gabriel’. The resulting monogram logo was then set within a contemporary visual style which was used across all marketing communications.

The name also helped inform the concept for the wall art sculpture by David Harber which is now installed. It depicts a series of curves expressing the resonance of the bell’s sound across the city and the square connecting those that live there.

A full range of marketing communications has been created to support the May 2017 launch.